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the nightmares that never end...

Posted on 2009.10.03 at 11:32
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I woke up at 630 this morning and then fell asleep again around 730. I didn't wake up until 45 minutes ago (11:00). I had the biggest nightmare so far this year. I'm sooo pissed. I had a dream about the executive director, known only to me as la weirdo. In my dream I had a very odd training. It was SO off I'm not sure what to say. All I know is that I wasn't prepared, I started late, and my microphone was older than dirt. Then I tried to BS my way through this meeting, but I was freaking out. We were holding the meeting in a cafetorium and one of the lunch ladies threw up. It gave me the perfect opportunity to bolt which I did. Then, her siamese cat friend, Necky (I changed her name to protect the guilty) who is a glorified scheduler making at LEAST $70K for scheduling peeps, got mad at ran to La Weirdo. She was already mad at me in my dream because I started late. In real life Necky never trains. NEVER.

So when I finally come back to the cafetorium, La Weirdo was there, yelling at me and telling me not to go to work. I asked, "Never?" and she was like, "That is tentative"--the only best part of the dream was mom coming with a union representative (I really belong to the union). We briefly sat down with La Weirdo, and I told her that this was the one and only time that I've ever done this (irl I've NEVER done this) and she starts spouting off asking me, "Was I trying to save the budget for Ed Tech" and my union person advised me to say nothing. She then goes on saying that at the end of this year, our budget was going to be completely cut. WEIRD!!! My rep tells me "less go" and I take off. I go back to work the next day to get my stuff, completely worried about how I was going to support myself. I see my friends, some of whom didn't know what happened the previous day. La Weirdo comes up to me and tells me she did not get any complaints or letters from the attendees from the workshop I bolted from. I ask myself in the dream (that's how I roll) why she mentioned this information. I woke up. I'm mad, mad, and mad because of her. I need some retail therapy!

GAR! Yes, it was a nightmare, yes, it wasn't true, but yes, it felt real. So there.

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