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December 14, 2009

Posted on 2009.12.14 at 20:44
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Today wasn't the greatest day.

Why is it that when things are going well, I don't post? I'm not sure myself, but you have the total right to skip over this if you're looking through the friends section.

Today started off with me going to a middle school. The epitome of torture. I hated middle school. Hated it. Then I had to go to the middle school I "graduated" from. I only have one good ... oops, two good memories from that school.

1. My awesome teacher Mrs. Richardson, who is now the Executive Director of Mathematics.

2. My friend Kris, whom I spent lunch with almost every single day of 8th grade. We'd write stories together, and he loved soap operas. I had a crush on him and even found him on Facebook not too long ago. He's ...uhh gay. When I saw his pictures, I thought, "He's either an actor or he's gay". He's both. Actually, he's a DJ at the gay bars. Pretty popular I understand.

My colleague Kristen and I go over there to knock down the Promethean quality check. It's like the past rushing back to me. I hated middle school. Remembering those days of the snobs and preps that surrounded that area. The neighborhood has changed tremendously now, but back then if you didn't have Liz Claiborne purses or Girbaud jeans, you just weren't in. I was one of those that just wasn't in. I was there to learn, the abrupt change from elementary to middle was just outstanding. I hated middle school.

We weren't there that long. We got it done out of the way. Next go back to the office so I could pack up more stuff and head out to more schools. Very frustrating. I gather all my crap, then head out to ANOTHER FUCKING middle school. I quality check that campus only to find that these boards weren't finished with their installation. Talk about FUCKING CRAP SHIT! WHY WHY WHY do you insist that I finish the quality checks with a deadline of tomorrow and the FUCKING boards aren't finished!?!? My group bosses of FIVE are FUCKING SHITTING me. "You haven't put in the QC checklist"--well HELL, I did have other things to do shitty shitfaces. If I hadn't been scheduled to do all day training, then do training again the next day maybe I would have done more! Shitheads. I hate it.

Time to be thankful: I have a job. NEXT!

I think flax seeds look like mouse droppings. NEXT!

Go to Christmas lunch at the building, provided by the building. Banana pudding sucked. Never going to have Riscky's BBQ. That sucked too. NEXT!

The leadership development team's director will have to reapply for his job, and he's not complaining about it. Well if I were older than dirt and could retire, I wouldn't complain either. NEXT!

Go to elementary school and check their boards. Guess what?!?! The same thing there! The FUCKING SHIT hasn't been installed completely! Oh, and I did I mention that these boards won't be fully functional because the stupid district did not order enough laptops?!?! What the FUCK is that?! Do you really expect principals to sign off on the boards even though they don't really work. You have this incredible (expensive) piece of equipment sitting there dormant because there's no FUCKING computer to work with it. "Oh, well, have the teacher move the computer so we can install a splitter there". But wait, you should have thought of that weeks ago when I sent the email from another team from the Division about no laptops. You didn't FUCKING tell us that they ran out when we went out to check. I had to forward the FUCKING email to my boss and then the see saw effect happened: you will check it with your laptop (week one). you will not check it because there isn't a laptop (week two and three). you will check it with your laptop after all (week four). SHITHEADS. Make up your FUCKING minds.

So I have to go back and revisit those campuses when the installation team finally finishes the install. BTW, I have to figure out how to put a desktop to a mobile solution and not make it a safety hazard.

Go to another campus-drop off pens and alarm keys. Principal makes copy. Principal sends email after I leave and in the middle of a meeting about putting me on the agenda for January 4th. Me thinks that I will not be able to go. Why didn't she talk to me earlier. Don't know. Don't care now.

Just saw another email from my technology person. Who FUCKING cares about another school website? We're talking about YOURS, FUCKING genius. Don't worry about someone else's SHIT, just worry about your own.

Let's see, that was just one part of my day--ohhhh, my other technology person calls me up on the phone and tells me if I'm still on for this afternoon to deliver a training? OH REALLY!? How comes we didn't discuss this earlier? If I'd known about this SHIT before hand, I wouldn't have been caught off guard! I'd be there, since the principal already put me on the agenda.

Oops! My colleague tells me there's a Department meeting! Sweet, got out of training with major sincere apologies to the principal. She's actually nice to me. I like her (so far). Terrible, there's a department meeting. CRAP. SHIT. MAJOR SHIT.

I come back and here's the SHITTIEST department meeting that lasts an hour and half. We have to send our name around (attached to a paper) and write stuff about others that either comes from a list or write in our own. I only have one person write something very nice about me. The rest came from the FUCKING list. See if I share any mad skillz with the rest of you mofos. Not going to happen.

Then comes the dreaded "golden goose" award. So for the second time in three months the same person won it. Frankly, she deserves to win it. I think it's because they falsely accused her of sexual harrassment and are trying to make up for it because she could sue and win. That'd be the end of us. In reality, she's a sweet lady who would give you the coat off her back. I should be happy for her, and I truly am. However, I think I'm more pissed off at the FIVE BOSS TEAM for giving it to her. There are a total of 12 staff members, including her. There's clear favoritism in my office. One of my colleagues has been there forever and she hasn't won it. She says it doesn't bother her and I really don't think it does. It's just terribly blatant that this "goose" is there to cause division among the staff members. It's just a big ol' farce. That's all I'm going to say about the golden goose, cuz it does nothing but lay rotten eggs. (Ooh I like that last line).

Tomorrow starts another big adventure. I'm feeling better. BTW, Robert .... there was actually a couple of days where I didn't even think about him. I'm getting through it. Yes, I still am very cynical bout relationships. I don't even believe in them. If that makes me a FUCKING BITCH, then so be it. I could care less.

Signing off... this was a long one!


teamrobstenn at 2009-12-15 03:02 (UTC) (Link)
Let me wash your mouth.
twibooklover at 2009-12-15 03:34 (UTC) (Link)
Sorry about your day! Sending you a big hug!
sarahbitch828 at 2009-12-16 20:20 (UTC) (Link)
(((HUGS))) I hope it gets better!!
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